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Knowing When it’s Time for Replacement Cushions

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It is not difficult to know when the right time has arrived for replacement cushions. It could be when sitting on the couch you feel uncomfortable and unrested. It is important that when sitting on cushions they support your body and help to improve posture.

It’s time for replacement cushions when the couch cushions start to lose their look and become saggy and lumpy. At first cushions on a couch are exactly what you expect, they are firm and comfy and you feel happy when you are relaxing on your couch. As time goes by the more use the couch sees the more chance that the cushions will lose the original bounce and comfort.

A couch that is in dire need of a cushion replacement is one that is giving you back pain. Sitting on a couch should be relaxing, if you find yourself adjusting your position and wiggling on the couch it means the cushions are not supportive. Aches and pains are a clear sign the cushions are ready for replacement.

Some foam cushions have spring inserts and these can cause an uncomfortable feeling when sitting on the cushion and cause the foam to become lumpy which will give no support to your back at all. Replacement cushions are necessary instead of just replacing the springs.

Only you will know when it’s time for replacement cushions, there is no clear rule as to the correct time. Consider the above points and sit on your couch and decide whether you are receiving the benefits that you should from the couch, if not then it is a clear indication that it is time for cushion replacement.  Foam Factory is a reputable and dependable company offering sturdy and comfortable foam replacement options which include: Eggcrate Foam, Memory Foam, Standard Foam, and several other options available onsite. They are renowned for their high-quality products and the ability to customize cushions of any shape and size.