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5 Important questions you should ask your dentist

Article written by Elite Dental Group

Most people get anxious when they need to visit a dentist which is why people tend to make their dental visits short. However, dentists love when their patients take an interest in their oral health and are often willing to answer questions in detail. Asking questions can also help build a stronger relationship with your dentist and help you maintain healthier teeth.

Here are some of the most common questions you should consider asking your dentist.

Why do I have tooth pain? – Tooth pain can be as minor as tooth sensitivity or be a more severe issue like a cavity. Dentists will be able to examine the area and provide medication to reduce the pain.

What are my options to whiten my teeth? – Although maintaining healthy teeth is important, people are also concerned with their appearance. A white, bright smile is considered beautiful and an indication of youthfulness. Instead of using over-the-counter whitening options that may damage teeth, ask your dentists what options can be made available to you.

How can cosmetic dentistry help me? – Some adults feel self-conscious about the shape and appearance of their teeth. Modern cosmetic dentistry offers many options to reshape a person’s smile with minimal discomfort.

What causes tooth decay? – Understanding the causes of tooth decay can help a person change their lifestyle and habits, which can promote healthier teeth.

How can I stop grinding my teeth ?- Teeth grinding is a common condition that can cause wear and tear. If you notice that you are grinding your teeth at night or during stressful situations, speak to your dentist for advice.

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