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There are Two Main Types of Hearing Aids

The type of hearing aid that you will choose depends on your personal preferences. If you are comfortable with a device in your ear or behind your ear the choice will be yours based on comfort and appearance.

BTE This is a popular choice for many people with more severe hearing loss. The device is more conspicuous behind the ear with a tube that feeds into the ear canal. The BTE is popular because the tube amplifies the sound making it easy to hear. The BTE is available from different brands and comes in an array of colors and different sizes.

HueHearing.com has an alternative which is the ITE in the ear hearing aid. Many first time users choose ITE because they fit snugly inside your ear. Ear canals are all slightly different in shape and these devices come with different size domes to fit your ear perfectly. There are 3 main types of in-ear hearing aids which are:

CIC means that the device is completely inside the ear canal.

IIC means that the device is invisible in the canal.

RIC means “receiver in canal.”

The Hue Hearing ITE devices can be matched to your skin tone to blend into your ear. Larger styles have more buttons and features with bigger batteries.

If you are wanting advice and would like to hear what others have to say about these devices read the HueHearing Reviews to set your mind at ease and help you make the right decision.