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San Juan Islands: The Best Summer Getaway

Enjoying The Wildlife

You’ll discover an extensive diversity of species on San Juan Island due to the environmental and geographical variations there: Large marine mammals like Orca whales, Dall’s porpoises, and Pacific Harbor seals, as well as birds of prey, reptiles, frogs, fish and hundreds of species of marine invertebrates. Terrestrial mammals like the red fox and Columbia blacktail deer. Numerous species spend the entire year in San Juan Island National Park or in the waters nearby; some are seasonal residents during the winter and others during the summer, while others stop by the island to feed and rest while migrating.

Stunning Camping Sites

San Juan Island is a camping enthusiast’s paradise. This is a fantastic opportunity to try out roughing it in the woods if you’ve never done it before. Animals such as bears, mountain lions, and enormous snakes are not widespread in this area. Deer and fox are the giant animals you’ll encounter during your camping experience.

Lakedale Resort and San Juan County Park on the west offer excellent camping. Among the famous spots in San Juan County Park is where the 1998 film Practical Magic was filmed. You can go camping and enjoy a historically famous landmark.

If camping is not your thing, San Juan PM does not have a shortage of San Juan island house rentals.

Local Food Spots

Once you get onto the island, it will be hard for you to find chain restaurants. Do not worry! There are several local restaurants for you to enjoy and experience new food and local cuisine. After a delectable meal, you can enjoy a drink at a bar while watching the sunset over the water.