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Create Abundance Book Review: Embrace the World with Tenderness

In this book called Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue, the author shares with us the importance of embracing the world with tenderness. She helps us understand how to open ourselves up to the life all around us. Whether there are joys, sorrows or routines, there is something magnificent about life. Each of us can make a difference when we reach out to the world with an understanding attitude.

The entire universe revolves around us all the time. Perhaps we do not feel it spinning and yet it always is. Every day, there is so much life going on. While some people are born, others die. The cosmos is a vast and mysterious place and yet we can find our way through it all and become better versions of ourselves.

The teachings of Karma are valued and important. Karma says that what we do to others will be done to us at some point. There is an old saying that if we live by the sword, we will die by the sword. This introduces the idea that what we do each day has meaning. It can put us on a positive path where the universe will be kind to us. But it can also put us on a dangerous path where every bad thing happens to us.

It all depends on our attitude and how we treat others. Even the poorest people should be respected.

This is a quote from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

Abundance is an experience you undergo at the bottom of your heart, and a process in which you make a daily request to the cosmos and receive her compassion and influence. Originating from the wellspring of your soul, it is also the personal dignity every human life was born with.