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Great Business Ideas That Can Succeed

As head of Red Hill Ventures and Red Hill Capital, Todd Collins has helped develop Charlotte, NC businesses such as community kitchen The City Kitch, Nationwide Court Systems, and others. For his efforts, Collins was selected by Business North Carolina Magazine as one of the state’s dynamic diverse leaders. He has had widespread impact in the community. He has also grown Red Hill Ventures into one of Charlotte’s largest black-owned companies, ranked #2 in 2019.

He offers some great advice for those who are just starting out on the entrepreneur journey:

“Expenses not supporting business development are often cleverly disguised as comfort expenses that are nice to have but not necessary.”

Below are some great ideas for first-time entrepreneurs. It’s important to feel passionate about your business so don’t choose a path unless you feel excited about it.

Woodworking. People are willing to pay a premium for handmade furniture and shelving. Hand painted furniture can also bring a big price.

Day care center. People will always need child care but you must love kids.

Photography. Good with a camera? Try your hand at some local photos of landscapes then move on to photograph people.

Food. If you’re starting out, then a food truck is a great idea. As you build up capital, you might find a local space and open a café.

Writing. If you have the skills, you can get plenty of work writing website content, email campaigns and ebooks for people all over the world.

Todd Collins has invested in many of Charlotte, NC businesses in the technology and real estate industries. He always has sound advice for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Among other things, Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins is known for being an insightful investor, a passionate philanthropist, and a proponent of diversity in business.