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9 Things You Want To Avoid Doing When Taking Your Driving Test In California

Article by Delta Driving School.

While you can still get 15 points off of your results and still pass, there are 9 main things that can potentially cause you to fail. Practicing these ahead of time can help ensure that you only have to take your driving test once in order to pass.

The first one is changing lanes incorrectly, for this one the biggest error tends to be that people don’t look over their shoulder where their blind spot is before they change lanes. Secondly is a failure to yield properly at crosswalks and intersections.

A failure to come to a complete stop is the third thing that you want to avoid doing, with the fourth being not staying in the correct lane when making a turn. The next thing you want to do is try to drive the speed limit since driving too slowly will get points deducted.

Sixth is that you should also know where everything is before you take your test, since you will be asked to point out different things at the beginning of the test. Seven and eight are to make sure to look around and scan for pedestrians, but don’t be too cautious so that it takes forever for you to pull out of a parking lot and into the road.

Finally, look through sign books to familiarize yourself with some of the less common signs. Not knowing what a roundabout sign as and what you are supposed to do can cause points to be deducted.

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