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Create a Perfect Space for your Daughter: Decorating Ideas for a Girl’s Bedroom

By The Foam Factory Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be an exciting project that allows you

Tips to give your TV room a facelift

If your home is like most, the television is the focal point of the family room

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The office is an environment that needs to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and professional. White wicker

Knowing When it’s Time for Replacement Cushions

It is not difficult to know when the right time has arrived for replacement cushions. It

How Foam Can Improve Your Life at Home and in the Office

Article provided by The Foam Factory Foam has been used as a component in many different

Rattan furniture: The perfect material for a vintage style

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise There’s an old trend from the 70s that’s been coming back

Avoid the Summer Heat Waves and save Power with Portable Air Conditioner

The higher temperatures of a summer heatwave can place considerable strain on climate control systems. Portable

Your Essential Buying List for a New Sofa

Summary: A new sofa involves careful consideration of numerous factors. Make sure you buy the right

Lower your energy bills with a portable a/c

What’s worse than the blazing summer heat? The energy bill from all the air conditioner use.

Memory foam in Dog Beds

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.   Dogs are one of the most loyal pets to the