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Online games as a tool to promote plague awareness

Plague Inc. is a game played on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops that

Red hot mobile game market

Mobile game market is heating up. According to some data it is approximately $2.2 billion a

Halo 4 could be the 2012 Game of the Year

It appears that most surveys conducted online as well as other methods chosen Halo 4 as

Video game console manufacturers and game developers are fighting back

Console games hit the climax in 2008 and revenue from video games peaked at $11.7 billion.

Online game providers to profit from James Bond

Gaming industry is seen green thanks to James Bond. Baccarat was once the game of the

Ancient sward fighting to bring back to life in a video game

Sword fighting the way it was done hundreds of years ago will be brought to life

A case for downloadable games

Paid downloadable game sales are on the rise. It is hard to estimate the value of

My favorite 2011 PC based games

Since 1990s, online games have come a long way. Web-based graphics technologies such as Microsoft’s Flash