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Halo 4 could be the 2012 Game of the Year

Article written by Palmeto Biz Buzz

Halo_4It appears that most surveys conducted online as well as other methods chosen Halo 4 as the 2012 Game of the Year. One survey conducted by the Gameinformer magazine indicates that more than 39 percent of the participants in its survey were playing the game and exclusively on Xbox 360.

Halo series is a fast game with excellent weaponry. Enemy design and ability to play with multiple players make the game more attractive. Much of the game’s success revolves around the character, Bungie. In Halo 4, Master Chief returns as a character and more like a human. The Chief represent the galactic threat to the humanity. He saves his friends as well as the galaxy. His personal fight with the new enemy, Requiem brings in cinematic as well as organic score to enhance the story and the game. Halo 4 marks the first installment of Reclaimer Trilogy that is yet to come. Halo is more popular among players due to its Big Team Battle and larger player counts, and the creators of the game are monitoring players in order to improve the game that will be introduced as Halo: Destiny in the future.