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Three Advantages of RV Mobile Internet

Have you been looking for the best RV Internet options for your next road trip? There are several reasons why choosing an RV mobile Internet service provider like UbiFi may be in your best interests. Here are three.

Mobile Internet is easier to set up.

The mobile Internet provided by companies such as UbiFi is generally easy to set up and highly portable, making it ideal for mobile homes. It will take you less time and money to set up a mobile Internet router, such as the MoFi 4500 LTE routers sold by UbiFi. In contrast, you may have to hire a crew to help you set up your satellite dish for unlimited satellite Internet. Because mobile Internet uses cell towers that are plentiful even in rural areas, you can get service with a comparable reach to satellite Internet that is less of an inconvenience to your wallet and schedule.

Mobile Internet is better at resisting obstructions.

Although satellite Internet’s wide reach is impressive, it is also notorious for its weaknesses, such as its unreliability in the midst of obstructions from bad weather and objects such as buildings, trees, and mountains, which you will encounter during your travels. While mobile Internet may not be perfect, it is significantly better at working in the midst of obstructions. Some households even use mobile Internet as a backup when satellite Internet stops working.

Mobile Internet has lower levels of latency.

Because of the nature of satellite Internet, signals from satellite Internet providers take a longer time to reach receivers, resulting in high levels of latency, causing inconvenient phenomena such as lag. In contrast, mobile Internet provides surprisingly fast service with low latency as long as you are close to a mobile Internet company’s established coverage area.