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Lower your energy bills with a portable a/c


What’s worse than the blazing summer heat? The energy bill from all the air conditioner use. One way to reduce those energy bills is to use portable ac units within the house. Here are a few reasons why this is the case:

Energy efficient option

The primary reason a portable a/c unit will lower energy bills is that it can be moved to where you are. As you move from one room to another, so can the air conditioner. Despite the heat outside you can be cool and comfortable anywhere in the house, all while not using your central a/c at all.

Better temperature control

Compared to a central a/c system, portable units have better temperature control. You can gradually turn up the temperature until you find the most comfortable range for you. Another step is to gradually increase the temperature over a longer time period and acclimatize yourself to something slightly warmer.

Quick cooling

When entertaining at home, sudden jumps in the number of people can cause immediate jumps in temperature. Home HVAC units will not be able to combat that change quickly due to spreading the cooling across the entire house. The portable unit can quickly cool the area that needs to the cooling the most.

Correct sizing

Just as you would with any air conditioner, sizing is extremely important for portable units. Always buy a unit that is meant for the largest room you have in your home. This will then take care of the smaller rooms easily and be perfect for you largest room. You can also go with a higher BTU option if you plan on cooling an area with additional people.