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Nature is Full of Abundance

Man on top of a mountain peak,3d rendering

Article by Zhang Xinyue

In nature, we see abundance all around us. There are millions of trees around the world and thousands of rivers, oceans and lakes. There are countless insects, animals and creatures of all types. The entire planet has abundant resources and these resources often are sustainable. Life reproduces itself everywhere we look. It seems contrary to nature itself for human beings to live in lack and poverty. So why does this happen?

Are you blocking abundance in your life?

Many times, we find that we block abundance from flowing in our lives by our mindset. We are taught to think small. We don’t really believe that we can become wealthy and successful. From the time we are born, we are told that we must work at menial jobs and that we can never have the abundant lifestyle that we see the wealthy people have.

As we begin to observe these oddities of life, we must admit to ourselves that we are guilty of thinking small. In order to achieve abundance in our lives, we must forget about obstacles. Consider those as stepping stones to bigger things. Each obstacle will help you create new skills as you overcome it.

How to find true abundance

Abundance that concentrates on only material possessions will bring discontent and disappointment. But when we seek abundance in our minds, hearts, souls and spirits, we will begin to find peace and joy in simple things. A hearty laugh with a friend, a delicious dinner with family, listening to the birds singing as the sun rises … those activities will bring joy to your soul. You’ll know the thrill of life itself.

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