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Single tooth straightening options

Article written by Elite Dental Group

There are numerous options available to those who are trying to straighten their teeth but what if you only have one misaligned tooth. A single misaligned tooth especially in the front of a person’s mouth can impact their smile and self-confidence.

Most often a single misaligned tooth is the result of overcrowding or a narrow mouth. Without sufficient space, teeth will push forward or backward as they grow. Single tooth misalignment can also be the cause of thumb sucking, poor swallowing, large teeth, or an early loss of baby teeth.

Apart from impacting a person’s appearance, a single misaligned tooth can trap bacteria and increase the chances of decay, gum disease, and discoloration. Bite issues can also result from a misaligned tooth adding unnecessary pressure on other teeth. Single tooth straightening is a common problem and dentists now offer several solutions to correct this condition.

Braces – There are a large variety of brace options that are discreet and affordable. Traditional braces can also be used to straighten a single tooth.

Retainers – Retainers both removable and fixed can adjust single tooth misalignment. Since retainers are often removable, they can provide adult patients with the flexibility to remove their braces for social events.

Palatal expanders – A palatal expander can widen the arch and open spaces for teeth to move naturally. Keys are used to apply pressure on the upper jaw. Expanders are also invisible and best for adult patients as they can cause discomfort once adjustments are made.

Invisalign – Invisalign are removable, almost unnoticeable aligners that are suitable for some single tooth alignment issues.

The best treatment option will depend on the position of the misaligned tooth and the patient’s preferences. It is best to discuss treatment options with a well-experienced dentist or orthodontist to receive long-lasting results.

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