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Trump & Terrif Wars

We finally have a president who is a leader and has some balls. I have been wondering why the U.S. doesn’t put tariffs on German and Japanese cars for 30 years! I have 3 German cars and I love them so it’s not about not liking these amazing cars but Trump is thinking about the U.S. economy, not the German economy. It’s only common sense. They have invaded the U.S. market. When I lived in Italy in the 80s, a Porsche cost way more in Italy than in the U.S. because they put a 38% tax on cars over 2000 cc. This was to save FiAT. Now that Europe is united, what has happened to Fiat? The numbers are proof… The deficit with every country is enormous. The U.S. is losing billions of dollars because the government is stupid and corrupt with special interests.

Every country is taking advantage of the U.S. and Trump wants no tariffs at all. The press doesn’t tell you this. They say it’s a war. It’s not a war. If the Europeans and Canada don’t want to get rid of their tariffs, we will put tariffs on their goods, like they have been doing for decades. If they take the tariffs away, Trump is OK with that. We will win in the end because we import SOOOO much more than you do… or any other country in the world. Enough is enough! Trump understands that Europe has no bargaining power… and especially not Canada!

This is very upsetting for people who have been taking advantage of the U.S. for decades. The party is over! So the Europeans are having a tantrum. It’s a bit like Den Harrow having a tantrum when I told people on social media that he was not the real singer. He had it good for 25 years and I left him alone. As soon as I said it was me, on social media, he attacked me with all his fans and people started to hate me because I told people the truth. This is what happens to people who have been spoiled for decades. They get used to behaving badly and this is their new “normal”. It has to stop! Many Americans workers are happy about Trump’s actions… even though the press is very negative about it… because of political reasons… the press is made by an elite of intellectuals who don’t work in the car factories and they are out of touch with the average American worker. The press are like the politicians who theorize and want the good of the people but they haven’t got a clue what is effective and what is not. Trump is a pragmatic businessman who understands the economy and numbers don’t lie. The politicians do..