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Why lawyers make divorce much smoother

Filing for divorce is a difficult and painful process. Long Beach divorce lawyers work with their clients to make the process as smooth as it can possibly be. California was the first state in the union to accept the no-fault divorce concept. As a result, irreconcilable differences are enough to allow a couple to get a divorce. This means that one spouse can file for divorce and terminate the marriage even if the other spouse still wants the marriage to stay together.

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There are some requirements that a couple must meet before seeking the assistance of a divorce attorney Long Beach CA. For example, they must have lived in California for the six months before filing for divorce. They also have to live in the county where they will be filing for divorce at least three months prior to the divorce. Once the divorce petition has been filed and given to the other spouse, both parties will have to wait six months before the divorce can be finalized.

A family lawyer Long Beach CA will be able to help a divorcing spouse understand the complete process they will follow as they go through their divorce. There are laws that dictate how a divorce can be carried out depending on the circumstances of the spouses. For example, if they are married for less than five years, are childless, do not have real estate, and have little to no debts or property, they may be able to get a divorce using a simpler process than if they have children and a lot of property that needs to be divided.