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Is Memory Foam Worth the High Price Tag?

Summary: Memory foam has its ups and downs. Understanding every aspect will determine if it’s the right mattress for you.

There’s been much debate on whether memory foam is truly worthy of the hefty price tags they have. In order to have a better understanding, you have to take a look at the argument from both ends. Only then can you decide if it’s worth the purchase.

The Pros

Memory foam has the amazing ability to wrap around your body and provide a significant level of comfort that other mattresses can’t even touch. Because it doesn’t utilize springs or anything of that nature, owners don’t have to worry about sagging spots as the memory foam mattress will plump back up after you get up.

Additionally, memory foam can provide the owner with a better night’s rest due to it naturally “hugging” you when you sleep. The curvature of your body, no matter how you sleep, will snuggly seep into the memory foam, creating a deep pocket that your body fills.

The Cons

Aside from the high prices, memory foam does come with its caveats. For one, owners have complained that memory foam resonates heat, stemming from body temperature. Because the mattress essentially wraps around you while you sleep, it doesn’t provide the user with much ventilation for the heat to escape, thus exposing them to higher temperatures.

Another negative about memory foam that users face is that it’s just not right for everyone. Sure, memory foam is great for a majority of people out there, but those that suffer from back injuries and chronic soreness may not benefit from these mattresses and instead may opt for something more therapeutic.

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