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Your Essential Buying List for a New Sofa

Summary: A new sofa involves careful consideration of numerous factors. Make sure you buy the right one with this guide.

The rigors of buying a new sofa start with the numerous factors and considerations one has to trudge through in order to find the most suitable piece. Remember, your sofa is considered one of the most-used pieces of furniture in your entire household. Here are some tips on the essential points you should consider when buying a new sofa.


How many people are going to use the sofa? If you have a somewhat large family, consider purchasing an L-shape or U-shape sectional so everyone can sit together. They should be upholstered in a durable fabric, especially if you have pets, to ensure it lasts for years.

Frame Construction

The last thing you’ll want is to find that you’re sitting on a weak wooden frame that’s made from cheap pine or green wood, which tend to warp and ultimately break down over time. A sturdy wood frame contributes to a long-lasting furniture piece, which is ideal especially since you’re paying good money for it.


There are typically three cushion arrangements that are offered for sofa backs: fixed-back, scatter-back, and cushion-back. Each of them offer a different type of curve and padded back frame that are suitable for specific types of couches and sofas. Be on the lookout for each of them and compare all three to ascertain which one meets your personal preference.


Some of the finest types of fillings for seat cushions are feather and down, but they are relatively expensive and some may not prefer how it matches with the sofa style. Alternatively, you can go with a high-density, resilient foam that’s wrapped in down or a polyester. This ensures that you receive both comfort and quality, while still lasting a lengthy amount of time.
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