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Avoid the Summer Heat Waves and save Power with Portable Air Conditioner

Summer Heat WavesThe higher temperatures of a summer heatwave can place considerable strain on climate control systems. Portable AC units provide room and area-specific cooling that can improve comfort levels while lowering utility costs. Window-mounted units offer the perfect way to cool rooms and environments that may be taxing the existing system. The addition of a portable unit will reduce the need to run a central AC system by ensuring upper floors and and rooms that are subject to excessive sunlight exposure can be kept both cool and comfortable.

A high-efficiency portable AC can often be run with a fraction of the energy needed to power a central unit. High-efficiency models, like ductless mini-split systems, provide superior output, quieter operation and reduced energy consumption than more conventional models. Home and property owners who find themselves struggling to keep cool during a summer heatwave may discover that the right portable unit can provide a more convenient and cost-effective way to beat the heat.

Replacing a central AC system that is unable to provide the level of cooling homeowners require typically requires thousands of dollars. Portable a/c units that may be used in concert with a central AC system can provide a more cost-effective solution, one that may be available for a fraction of the cost. Adding a portable window-mounted unit to an upper story, hard to cool room or the areas of the home that are most frequently occupied makes it possible to enjoy a cooler and more comfortable interior environment on even the warmest of days, according to MovinCool.com.