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Consider foam for your sofa bed mattress

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Two-in-one sofa beds have become a popular piece of furniture for living rooms all across the nation. Whether you have one because you want to conserve space or because your house doesn’t have a guest room, the material that sofa cushions and mattresses are made of will have a significant effect on how comfortable your sofa bed is. Unfortunately, many sofa beds come with equipped with a spring mattress after you get them. Spring mattresses are notorious for being uncomfortable after a year or two of wear and tear because of their rigid, coil-based structure. In contrast, foam mattresses are malleable enough to adjust to a sleeper’s body contours while also providing adequate support.

When sofa beds were first introduced, there weren’t very many mattress options for furniture makers. Almost all of them included innerspring coil mattresses. However, with the advent of new sleep technologies, including the space-age material known as memory foam, there are now new ways to provide sleepers with the support and comfort they need to get a good night’s sleep. The common consensus is that foam mattresses are better at aligning the spine, relieving pain from pressure points, and reducing motion transfer.

Sleeping on your sofa bed doesn’t have to be a chore. Give your guests the comfort they deserve with a foam mattress for your sofa bed. Contact The Foam Factory today to discuss the best foam options for your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a conventional foam, memory foam, or latex foam material, the experts at The Foam Factory can help you customize your desired material to help it fit your sofa bed’s shape.