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Rattan furniture: The perfect material for a vintage style

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

There’s an old trend from the 70s that’s been coming back in full force. In fact, it dates back even further than that to the 1600s. This trend is the simple but elegant style of caned rattan furniture.

According to The Vintage News, the Western world’s first exposure to rattan furniture was through furniture imports from Southeast Asia, where the rattan plant is a native natural resource. Since the 1940s, rattan furniture has been used as a set decoration for classy photoshoots by world-famous stars and celebrities. Rattan furniture was associated with a wealthy, bohemian lifestyle, adding an air of regality to any interior.

In the 70s, rattan furniture was at the height of its popularity, due to the prominence of bohemian fashion in that decade’s countercultural movement. Bohemian fashion became synonymous with a new sense of freedom and breaking free from established expectations. As a result, rattan furniture was in vogue.

Today, people enjoy using rattan furniture for their interiors because of its ability to evoke a timeless vintage style. Furthermore, because it is made from natural materials found in tropical areas, rattan furniture fits well in any island-themed interior design. Whether you want your house to feel bohemian or like a tropical getaway, rattan furniture’s stylish design will add warmth to any room of your house.Wicker Paradise has an exquisite collection of bamboo rattan furniture that will add some flavor to your bedroom, living room, or dining area. Bring home your piece of vintage paradise today.