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An Alternative to Traditional Web Hosting

By Rack Alley

When it comes to LA web hosting, you are probably aware that options abound. In fact, you may have even considered companies in the surrounding area, around the state or even elsewhere throughout the country.

Rackalley2However, seeing as how important this service is, it would make sense to truly consider every single option on the table. While Los Angeles web hosting in the traditional sense may be the right fit, a lot of you will find that colocation is a much better alternative.

If you’re not familiar with colocation, don’t worry. It’s simple enough to understand, but extremely effective.

Colocation is when a company provides you with the space for hosting and you essentially—in most cases—provide everything else.

What’s the advantage? For one, you don’t have to conform to the hosting options available. This can save you a lot of money or simply give you the opportunity to create the custom setup you absolutely must have.

It will also save you money because you don’t need to build the right hosting environment in your office or on your property.

Many colocation companies will also provide IT support for certain situations, so if you lack staff in this department, you still have a chance to make the most of your hosting needs.


If you need server hosting in Los Angeles, you should definitely look into what Rack Alley has to offer. This LA based company offers colocation and many other services to assist with your online presence.