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The Dangers of your own Data Center

2Written by Rack Alley

Some organizations still maintain their own data center and/or server rooms along with their own teams to run them. While some organizations will prefer this approach, especially in terms of information security and audit requirements, for others there are some dangers to continuing this way when other alternatives exist.

The first danger is when it comes to la web hosting. Most organizations have limited bandwidth and resources. The sites are run off a single server and go through the normal internet connection. This can be acceptable if the website is smaller and will only server a few customers each day. But for those who have websites whose demands spike and drop, the lack of bandwidth or server resources can mean lost sales and customers.

The other danger is the redundancy needed when maintaining your own server farms. This can be extremely costly to maintain. A typical data center will need network infrastructure, internet access and air conditioning just to name a few. When it comes to los angeles colocation, all of these will scale with your requirements and have redundant systems to back them up.

Regardless of your size, co locating or hosting your website at another provider will give you the best uptime along with significant savings. Get the level of redundancy and performance only associated with larger organizations for a fraction of the cost.


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