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My favorite 2011 PC based games

BastionSince 1990s, online games have come a long way. Web-based graphics technologies such as Microsoft’s Flash and Java are now allowing more complex browser games to be played over your computer network on the internet.

We have seen some amazing PC games in 2011. Here are few of my favorite downloadable games that came out in 2011.

Bastion received much praise among all of them. This stunning action as well as fantasy downloadable has balanced combat, great musical score and great design. In-game narration by a great old man that reveals the plot as you progress is an innovative approach to online games.

Another favorite of mine is Crimson Alliance. Three character classes and multiple difficulty settings ensure fast and exciting actions. Rewards are based on equipment collection rather than succession of levels.

If you like zombie, my favorite is Dead Island. Four-player capability allows you to enjoy the game with friends. However, playing solo is not bad either. Character progression and combat motivate you to lop off undead heads.

There were many others such as Infamous 2, Driver: San Francisco, and Tropico 4 that you might enjoy. Make it fun to play with your friends.