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Three reasons to colocate your servers

Written by Rack Alley

More and more organizations are choosing to collocate servers rather than operate their own data centers. There are a lot of reasons why moving your servers to a data center is beneficial. Here are the three reasons that top the list:


The primary reason is cost. Colocating servers means that expensive data center equipment is no longer needed. Organizations no longer need expensive HVAC, UPS and other server room equipment. The savings grow when replacement and maintenance of that equipment is taken into account. There are also cost savings on staff, since maintenance is no longer necessary, the additional technicians can now be outsourced on an as needed basis.


In order to pass audits, organizations need to maintain standards. Those standard also apply to the data center. For example, basic server room architecture will require raised floors, HVAC, UPS power systems, security etc. Those standards will automatically be met by the data center and the onus of compliance will then fall onto the data center provider. Choose a LA data center that matches the standards you require.


Smaller to medium businesses cannot afford proper security and monitoring for their server rooms. Some audit standards require 24 hour human monitoring so that any issues can be escalated to engineering staff faster. This is important when any downtime can result in financial losses. This level of monitoring is also provided at any LA colocation environment.

The economic calculations are always in favor of moving to colocation. Even in situation where an investment has been made in infrastructure, it is a question of if not when.

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